A Change of Pace

by maximusaurus

Aloha lovely people! First of all, I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my blood pump for your continued support. Producing a new blog entry every Tuesday for almost three years has been challenging to say the least, and the main thing that’s kept me going is having such an awesome and appreciative audience.

Alas, after so long, I fear I am reaching the point of creative burnout. For the last few months I’ve been really struggling to come up with new entries once a week, and as we move into 2017, I’ll be stepping up my commitments at work.

As a result, while I will continue to post new blog entries, from 2017 onwards I will no longer be doing so on a regular weekly basis. Rather, I will simply post whenever I find the time, energy, and a good enough idea.

It will be difficult to let go of my weekly routine, as I know my OCD will make me feel like I am somehow ruining three years of work by doing so, but in the long run I think I will be better off, as posting every Tuesday has begun to feel like a stressful obligation.

I just thought I should give you all a heads up, in case in seemed like I was abandoning this blog, which I assure you I’m not. The Shop of Horrors will remain open, just with different business hours.