Emotional Astronomy

by maximusaurus

When you live with anxiety, fears and worries are like the stars in the sky. They’re always there, but how many shine through depends on the conditions.

On a dark and lonely night, a countless multitude stab down like icy needles. But then you hang out with a friend or do something you enjoy, and it’s like the moon has risen, its comforting light blotting out the weaker fears and dulling the stronger ones.

It’s not just overtly happy feelings that help either; sometimes just keeping busy or exercising can be like cloud cover, muffling and burying.

Best of all though, is the sun. That one thing so overwhelmingly positive that it completely drowns out our anxiety. Everyone has their own sun. It could be throwing yourself into your favourite hobby. It could be spending time with your partner. Usually, it is the thing we love the most.

Naturally, it can’t always be sunny, and like the stars, our fears will always be there, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always hold sway.