Force of Habit

by maximusaurus

The weekend before last, I worked on my sixth camp for youth on the spectrum, with I CAN Network. I hadn’t been to this particular camp site for a year and a half, and that time gap made me realize something.

Last time I was there, I was too scared to use the dorm toilets, and used the staff ones instead. I started this latest camp expecting to do the same. But to my surprise, when I decided to push myself and brave the dorm toilets, I discovered they were nowhere near as scary as I expected.

See it wasn’t just fear that was holding me back. It was habit. Avoiding certain stimuli had become second nature, to the point where I was still shying away from confronting them even though I was now capable of dealing with them. I didn’t realize how far I’d come, because habitual avoidance meant I’d been letting some of my fears go unchallenged.

It’s worth revisiting our demons from time to time. You might now be strong enough now to overcome things that seemed insurmountable a few years ago, but you’ll never know unless you try.