by maximusaurus

Like Yoda as much as the next guy I do, (even if he does bear a disturbing resemblance to the Gremlins. A distant hippie cousin perhaps?) but one thing I think he’s dead wrong about is the whole “do or do not, there is no try” line. I would argue that to try is to do. In fact, I’d go one step further, and say that trying is a victory in itself.

In my experience, summoning the courage and strength to have a go at something is usually harder than actually doing the thing. Getting over that initial barrier of fear and self-doubt is the real struggle. Once I’m passed that, even if I fail, it’s still a win, because I feel better for having tried.

Just having overcome that initial reluctance can be a huge confidence boost. It’s a demonstration to myself that I can fight the fear that holds me back, and win. Whenever I catch myself getting self-critical for not succeeding at something, I try to consciously turn it around and congratulate myself for being proactive and taking the initiative.

Just getting to the point where you can fail can mean you’ve already battled and defeated an army of potent endorphins, including ones that are specifically designed to undermine our conscious will. That’s an accomplishment we all too often don’t give ourselves credit for.

It’s like placing 4th in the Olympics; you may not get a medal, but the fact that you’re in the race at all says a lot.