Thank Yourself

by maximusaurus

Gratitude is a powerful emotion. Taking a moment of remind ourselves of how lucky we are, of all the good things in our lives, can be a fantastic antidepressant, right up there with hot chocolate, whoopee cushions, and fighting a losing battle against 12 puppies. But all too often when we do this, we focus only on external factors; on how thankful we are for our friends, our family, for things independent of ourselves. Not that there’s anything wrong with being thankful for such things, of course. However, we should never forget about the person we should be most grateful to; ourselves.

I know that this can be hard for a lot of people. Truth be told, I sometimes find it difficult myself. When we’re having a hard time, it’s easy to lay all the blame on ourselves, to see everything that’s wrong in our lives as our fault, and to see others as saviours.

But who is it that gets you through every second of every day, no matter how difficult or painful it is? Who is it that fights your way through all the stress and struggle and chaos of daily life? You do that yourself. Stop and give yourself the credit you deserve for that. For persevering. For fighting. For making it to where you are now. Nobody, not even your best friend, your closest family, or your partner could have done all this for you. You are here today because of you.

It’s good to be grateful for those around us. Just don’t forget about the one who deserves it most.