Separation of work and japes

by maximusaurus

Like tequila, high heels, and vegemite-flavoured chocolate, this blog entry is something I’ve been meaning to try for a while now.

For better or worse, we are often considered ambassadors for the company we work for, or the school we attend. (Something I really should have kept in mind at University where I repeatedly got inebriated while wearing my Year 12 windcheater)

As a result, I figured I should probably clarify that while this blog and my job at I Can Network both deal with autism advocacy, the views I express here do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.

Everything I write here is merely my own personal opinion, and when I post here, I am not speaking on behalf of I Can Network.

Though there is a lot of overlap in terms of the ideals we promote and the issues we address, (which is not only why I work for them, but why this blog actually brought me to their attention) Max’s Shop of Horrors is its own independent entity.

Alrighty, now that’s cleared up, I can move on to Mexican liquor, impractical footwear, and highly questionable Cadbury crossovers. Which to try first…