Running up that hill

by maximusaurus

First things first; if you’re a lawyer from the record companies, I’m too poor to be worth your time suing over the title of this week’s blog. You’d make more money selling raincoats in the Sahara.

Okay, not that’s out the way, what am I actually on about?

Well, I’ve been thinking back to when my battle against OCD was a slow push up what seemed like an endless hill. Back when I could hardly leave the house and would freeze in the street if I saw a cigarette butt.

The thing about fighting an uphill battle is that when you look ahead, you only see an upward slope. You can’t see the downhill slope on the other side until you reach the summit. That’s how it was for me; my current difficulties became such a part of my frame of reference that when I looked to the future, I projected them endlessly forwards.

I know “it gets better” is a cliché as tired and played out as zombies, cat-powered jump scares, and action stars walking away from explosions in slow motion, but it’s important not to use the problems of the present as a baseline when looking forwards.

It may be hard to imagine how things could get better when there’s so tough right now, but if you think back 10 years, there are probably a lot of things about yourself now that you would didn’t expect back then.

So keep pushing up that hill, you magnificent badass, and remember that every hill has a summit, and from there it’s all downhill. I know that might sound cheesier than an 80s punk rock album cover, and you know what, four years ago I would have thought so too. But then it happened to me.