My 100th Blog Entry

by maximusaurus

As far back as 2012, both my best friend and my then-girlfriend had been telling me I should start a blog. I put it off for the longest time, treating it kind of like when your family tell you to find a nice girl/boy and settle down. “What would I even write about?” I thought.

In the end I just kind of started with a loose scattershot of ideas; my writing, my life experiences, OCD, autism. Basically, I threw everything at the wall to see what stuck, like a toddler studying the adhesive properties of his dinner.

When it quickly became clear that people responded best to my posts regarding my autism and OCD, I made these my primary focus. However, these subjects were already well covered within the blogosphere. I wanted mine to offer something different, so instead of making it serious like most others, I went out of my way to make mine whacky, silly, and upbeat.

Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games; along the way I ended up touching on some subjects that were no laughing matter, and these I tried to approach with the appropriate gravitas, but I also wanted to come at them from an ultimately positive and constructive angle.

When I started this blog back in February of 2014, I never dreamed it would be as widely read as it has become, and I am deeply humbled (and sometimes baffled!) that so many of you seem to care about what I have to say.

So, to Cindy and Mana, you were right, I should have listened to you sooner, and thank you! XD

And thanks also to the rest of you, for being so supportive, so insightful, and so straight-up awesome.