Invincible Nana

by maximusaurus

Three years ago, my Nana, who has cancer, was told by her doctors that she would be lucky if she made it to Christmas 2012. She’s still alive today.

Actually, “alive” is an understatement. She’s bursting with so much positivity and enthusiasm she’s like the human equivalent of a sparkler bomb. (Come on, who among us never shaved the fizzly coating off a bunch of sparklers into an ice cream tub and set on fire at least once?) Seriously though, it’s like she’s in her 30s rather than her 70s. This lady’s going on overseas trips, seeing the latest movies… oh, that’s the other thing, she’s always been incredibly “cool” and “with it”; how many people over 70 are regular Facebook users?

She’s been like this as long as I can remember; full of life, hip, and endlessly loving. Not even cancer or chemo were able to get her down; it’s like everything negative just withers in the light of her positive energy.

And it makes a strange kind of sense; it’s well documented that stress and depression can weaken the immune system, and studies have linked optimism to better health outcomes in patients facing surgery or AIDS, for instance.

When I’m in my 70s, I wanna be like my Nana. I can’t think of anyone else I know who so exemplifies the notion of living life to the fullest.

Love ya, Nan. Stay Groovy.