Time Out

by maximusaurus

Ah, humans. They’re like the chillis of life; they’re great for spicing things up, but after a full course serving, some of us need a cool down period, or we can end up burned out, numb, and vowing never to try it ever again. (Humans and chillis have a lot in common actually; both are more sought after the hotter they are, and both can lead to a burning sensation when you go to the bathroom)

Don’t get me wrong, I love people. And I do get lonely sometimes. But I also love time my alone time, (in moderation) because socializing, as awesome as it can be, is hard work. If you see me pacing by myself in an empty room or something, I’m probably just enjoying some time alone with my thoughts.

One thing I (and quite a few of my friends on the spectrum) find challenging is long periods of human interaction without any breaks to recharge. Situations like loud parties or the workplace can feel like running on a treadmill in a cage full of cicadas for hours on end.

That’s probably the biggest barrier to full  time work for me; when I worked 8-9 hour shifts back in 2012, the grinding pressure would wear me down until I was virtually non-functional by the end. The three part-time jobs I do now circumvent this problem because they’re generally broken down into chunks of around 2 hours, which I can usually handle without hitting boiling point.

It’s easy for this to be misconstrued as us disliking social contact, but I for one love spending time with my fellow homo sapiens. I just sometimes need a breather between those stimulating chillis. 😉