Maiasaurus Rex

by maximusaurus

My Dad and my brother have had a go, so I reckon it’s only fair that Mum gets a blog entry as well!

What’s with the Saurian title? Well, the Maiasaur was the first dinosaur that showed proof of raising and caring for its offspring, hence it’s name, which means “caring mother lizard” in Greek. I’m sure you can figure out the Rex part.

I swear, if my Mum’s willpower was congealed into a solid, you could coat a smartphone with it and run it over in that giant crawler-transporter they used to move space shuttles with, and you wouldn’t even crack the screen. And those badboys weigh 2.7 million kilos, plus up to 5.4 million more in payload.

In a polar reversal of the traditional nuclear family, my Mum’s always been the family breadwinner, while my Dad was a stay at home househusband. When I was a kid, spending time with her was extra special, cos she often worked long hours and on weekends.

For 31 years, she’s been a teacher and administrator at the local Kindergarten. Naturally, when I was old enough to go, I found it a little hard to come to terms with sharing my Mummy with thirty other kids. I quickly became a bit of a knee-high terrorist, with a long list of rebellious stunts including climbing onto the roof of the building. How she put up with my reign of terror, I still don’t know.

As I’m sure many parents can attest, raising not one but two Aspies with a penchant for double trouble tag team mischief is no mean feat. Up until I was 19, she had Dad’s help, but when he passed away, she was suddenly left to support two kids in challenging transitional phases on her own. It still amazes me how well she held up. Her world had just been ripped out for under her, yet she managed to get me into University, and keep both me and my brother from careening off the rails.

I remember her spending what seemed like hours on the phone talking to the warden of the college I was accepted into, who was concerned they would not be able to support my special needs. By the time that phone call ended, my place was secured. When it came to me and my brother’s wellbeing, she was like a mother grizzly bear.

In 2010, she married my step-dad Mark, and it seemed like the hard times were over. Then, 2012, she got breast cancer. A brutal course of chemo and radiotherapy followed. She seemed to wither away before our eyes. Then, in her true indomitable fashion, she pulled through. She’s now working again full time, and is as unstoppable as ever.

I can’t begin to imagine where me and my brother would be today without such a strong, loving, and supportive guardian.

I love ya Mum, and I wonder if you even realize how fantastic you are.