Silly little lifelines

by maximusaurus

We all have them, don’t we? Those little things that seem frivolous and silly to others, but are deeply important to us. A secret hobby, perhaps, or a private passion. Maybe we keep them to ourselves, because we don’t think anyone else would understand why we place such a priority on something so outwardly trivial.

It’s not just that these things bring us joy and excitement; they’re also handrails on the tightrope of life. When the hurricane hits and the tightrope wobbles like a live eel that’s had one to any tequilas, they give us something to cling to.

Say work was horrible and I have a meeting I’ve been dreading tomorrow? It’s okay, cos today they revealed the first details for the new Godzilla movie, and it sounds awesome. Say I’m exhausted from a panic attack and my latest attempt at publication was turned down? Not to worry, a new trailer came out for the next Yoshi game, and it’s only a few months away.

They’re a source of comfort and solace in a world of terrifying uncertainty; something to brighten a gloomy day or lift weary spirits. Who cares if others see it as weird, geeky, or any of that rubbish? We all have our coping mechanisms, and if they work for us, that’s what matters.