The future’s already here

by maximusaurus

Ah, 2015, a magical era where we have flying cars, hoverboards, and a city on the moon, but still use fat CRT TVs and punch-card computers.

OK, it’s easy to look at our land-bound cars, still powered by dino goo, and feel like it’s all a bit disappointing, but when you think about it, 2015’s actually pretty darn futuristic.

We carry around supercomputers in our pockets with remote access to almost the entirety of mankind’s collective knowledge. We’re integrated into constantly connected social networks in cyberspace, where we document our lives and the lives of those around us in realtime. We have home video game consoles with more processing power than the fastest computers on the planet when 2014’s high school graduates were born.

Then there’s 3D printers. Those things are like something you would’ve seen on Star Trek when I was a kid. Just a few weeks ago, NASA emailed a wrench to the International Space Station; they just set the file, and the station printed it out. Seriously, that’s freaking incredible!

Heck, there are probably plenty of people reading this who will recall a time, not that long ago, when owning your own personal computer seemed about as plausible as having a pet Stegosaurus.

At the ripe old of age of 25, I’ve seen video games go from this:


To this:


And phones go from this:


To this:



Where will we be in another 25 years? Who knows. But right now, we’re already living in the science fiction of our childhood.