A (t)horny question

by maximusaurus

Society seems to love desexualising categories of people. Like dwarves, amputees, or people who need wheelchairs. Oh sure, they get fetishised in niche porn, but the idea of them as people with ordinary sexual desires seems almost taboo. Hell, people even desexualise their own parents! I must say, I’ve never understood why you’d be horrified by the thought of your parents having sex; how do you think you came to be, were you dropped off by a stork from one of those cloning trees in The Matrix?


Autism is one such category of people. For one thing, we tend to be infantilised; because we find certain things more difficult than people without autism do, we’re often treated like children, and hence as asexual.

Now, I am aware that there are people on the autism spectrum who do identify as asexual, or whose challenges are so severe that they are effectively like children. But many of us *shock/horror* have sex drives just like the rest of you. 😉


In fact, I would say the majority of people I know who are on the spectrum have a desire for sex and relationships. Many of them have even gone on to achieve these things.

Like the whole “we have no empathy” cliche, the assumption that we are all asexual beings is one I’m encountering more and more often.

Now don’t get me wrong, this isn’t disguised plea for sex consideration or any such nonsense. Just busting another myth about autism. And while we’re at it, no, we can’t breathe underwater or turn lead into gold either. Not that we don’t have superpowers mind you; I know a guy on the spectrum who can put a USB in the right way on the first try.