Plans for the Victorian Autism Conference

by maximusaurus

It’s an exciting time to be an autism advocate! From tomorrow ’til the 8th, the Victorian Autism Conference will be held in Melbourne, and the NGO I work for, the I Can Network, has some big plans for it.

There will be over a thousand guests attending, including health care professionals, people on the spectrum, and their families, so this is a golden opportunity to sow the seeds of our ideology; that we should nurture and celebrate the talents of people with autism instead of treating it as a disease. That in addition to helping them face their challenges, we should recognize all that they have to offer, be it encyclopedic knowledge, photographic memory, or the ability to think outside the box.

My boss will be giving the conference’s closing speech, and to help spread awareness, I’ve been tasked with writing an opinion piece to be submitted to The Age, which outlines our mission. The piece I wrote is under consideration as I type this. Fingers, toes, and  everything else crossed! (Except the streams, of course. Never cross the streams!)

I feel truly privileged to be a part of this growing movement, and I can’t wait to see what develops from this.