There’s a little autism in everyone

by maximusaurus

Since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve had numerous people who don’t have autism tell me how much they can relate to the situations and feelings I’ve talked about.

Both friends and strangers have told me about how they too over-analyse every sentence they say or hear; that they too can be driven up the wall by things that nobody else seems to mind, like a flickering light or someone sneezing into their hand then touching a door handle.

One of my strongest memories of growing up was a profound feeling of alien-ness, like I was some different species of humanoid raised on earth among humans. Nobody I knew seemed to see the world the way I did.

Now, reading or hearing these comments, I realize the gulf is not as wide as I imagined. These thoughts and feelings are not exclusive to autism at all; autism is simply a more concentrated and specialized cocktail of them.

For much of my life I have felt alone; now I realize I was among kindred spirits all along, it’s just that we all kept these feelings to ourselves. Maybe we all thought we were the only one. Only by sharing can we truly connect.