The I Can Network

by maximusaurus

I usually don’t post more than once a week, but this is special circumstances.

A few months ago, I started working for the I Can Network, an organization dedicated to supporting people with autism.

As I’ve talked about extensively, here are certain challenges that come with autism. These difficulties, combined with autism being commonly seen and treated as a disability creates an “I Can’t” mentality. “I can’t do this because I have autism” and “you have autism, so you’ll never be able to do that.”

The goal of the I Can Network is to turn “I Can’t” into “I Can”. To focus on the wonderful things that people with autism can do, and to support them in achieving the things they thought they couldn’t. Many of our managing team have autism, so we know our stuff.

From the 25th to the 27th of this month, we will be running our first “I Can” camp at Gembrook, outside Melbourne, where young adults with autism (age 18-30) will be able to share their interests and skills, listen to some great motivational speakers, and above all, have fun.

This past Sunday the camp’s facilitators met to organize the event, and the meeting itself was a remarkable example of what the camp can offer young adults with autism. For instance, one of our members was very hesitant to share an idea, convinced it was “stupid”, but with encouragement from others he finally shared it, and it turned out to be a fantastic idea. This is the kind of mutual support and positive atmosphere the camp will promote.

The camp is still open for applications, and you can register online at: